Tuesday, 5 February 2008

War in The Sun

Bought the sixth issue of the preacher comics yesterday, War in the Sun, and as soon as I got home from work I went to the couch and read the whole issue. War in the Sun continues the story in good ol' Preacher style. It begins with a background story, this time about Herr Starr, the new allfather of the grail. Then, when the story resumes, we follow Jesse, Cass and Tulip to Monument Valley in Arizona, where Jesse plans to have some peyote to help him communicate with the entity, Genesis, stuck in his head. Everything does not go as planned of course, as both the Starr, with the US army behind him, and the Saint of Killers, is there; waiting for him. The story is still very good and intriguing, allthough sometimes the weirdness can go a bit too far. Cannibals living in abandoned mines, a rejected NASA aspirant making huge, obscene messages in the desert to greet the astronauts in the space shuttle, nuclear bombs, Arseface's dreamworld... It's all there. It almost seems as if the authors are running out of new, original and clever twists in the plot that shocks the reader, and just keep throwing every shocking thing they can think of into the story. The artwork is still brilliant though. In many ways, the issue reminded me of Planet Terror, Rodrigues' Grindhouse movie. But Preacher is still a brilliant series and very much recommended.

The last days, I have been reading Dublin by Edward Rutherfurd, and since I am almost done I will write more about that book later.

Starting my new job in less than two weeks, going through a lot of training now. Lots of new things to learn when going from standing behind the counter at 7-eleven, to running a whole store by myself. Lots of work, but very interesting. Very much looking forward to starting in my new job.

Well, that's it for now I guess, taking an early night today, very tired and have to get up early tomorrow. Think I'll read some more in bed. Until next time


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