Wednesday, 2 January 2008

The Island of the Day Before Completed

Today, I woke up very early, around 4a.m actually. I was very tired yesterday, and went to sleep around 10, so that's probably why. Anyway, lying in bed in the early hours of the morning I finished Eco's the Island of the Day Before. The book was good, not his best one though. The ending was very trippy actually, but good, mixing storylines and 'fact' and fiction in interesting ways. Reading a story about a man making up a story which he eventually starts believing is real can be quite funny. The book also has a quite funny explanation of how God could flood the whole world during the great flood.

I have now started on the last of Umberto Eco's novels, The Name of the Rose, which happens to be the first he published. So in a few days I will be finished with Eco's books, wonder what to read next. I actually bought a book today as well, Century Rain, by Alaister Reynolds. Alaister Reynolds is definelately one of my favorite authors. His books are Science Fiction or space opera, but he writes with a lot of scientific knowledge. Having studied physics and astronomy, and worked for the ESA (European Space Agency), I guess you can imagine he knows what he is writing about. His books are well researched, well structured and has interesting plots and characters. Amny of his books are also set in the same universe, but can be read as stand alone books. If you like SF, you should definelately check out Alastair Reynolds.

Well, that's all I'm writing for today I guess, gonna head back to the couch and read some more, before going to work in a few hours. Last day of night shift for a while, then day shifts, leaving more time availiable. Working during the evening kinda ruins the whole day, as I never seems able to get up in early, and end up just sleeping till I have to go to work. From tomorrow I'll be off work at 3p.m. so I can do something fun and useful during the evenings (if I just had some money). Well, well. Until next time


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