Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Yet another Tuesday

Haven't finished The Dream of Scipio yet, but getting closer, should finish it before falling asleep tonight. The book is well written, although I'm not quite sure of what it's about yet. Think it is about the writing of an ancient philosophical text and subsequent analyses of the text. The story follows three men, the author of the text and two people reading and analysing the text. Telling their life story, we see that their life often mirrors each other, even though they live in different time periods. It is written very well, the language is good and easy to read, it is filled with historical information and so far I like it. Most of the story takes place in or around Avignon, with one character living during the time the papacy was seated there. Will write more when I have finished the book.

Other than reading, I'm still working a lot. Looking forward to starting a job with more regular hours. Have a meeting with my new boss next week to settle things out, then hopefully I'll start my new job as soon as possible. Well, that's it I guess. Until next time


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