Friday, 4 January 2008

Long Live the Weekend

Finally, my first weekend without work in a month or so. That's gonna be so good. Since I haven't gotten my pay check yet, I'm practically broke, so plan to spend weekend reading and relaxing. I am very tired from all the shifts at work lately. My last day off was Christmas Eve, so two days off in a row is gonna be good.

Haven't had much time too read lately, still reading Name of the Rose, only about 50 pages a days. This book I'm reading in Norwegian as opposed to English, kinda weird actually since I usually just read in English. Like the book so far, written in typical Eco-style. The story is a crime story, sorta, about some murders in an abbey, and the two munks trying to solve the case. The book also includes several discussions about theological views, and the living conditions at the time (14th century europe).

Hmm, what elso to write. Television, which used to be such an integral part of my life has now almost vanished. i used to watch the telly for hours every day, just lying in bed and switching channels. Since I came home from Australia in the beginning of December I have hardly watched any, maybe because my sister has taken my TV now, and I don't have one in my room. I don't miss it though, it was just the other day I realised I have quit watching. Interesting. Maybe watching Tv was just a symptom of my laziness, it was so easy to reach out for the remote and watch meaningless dribble for a few hours, putting my brain on stand-by. Nowadays, I don't do that anymore, I either chose to read or sleep instead (and of course with all the extra working I don't have mush time for TV anyways, I have been working a lot in the evenings, when all the interesting shows are on, what is showing at day time stinks anyways).

Well, not much has happened lately, so not much to write about. And now I'm gonna go back to reading again. Until next time


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