Thursday, 10 January 2008

Still reading Sarum

Sarum really is a mammoth book, following the story of fimve families through generation after generation, through 10000 years. And I love the book. Lately I have started reading more and more historical fiction and this book is among my favorites. Sometimes, it can be hard to keep up with new characters though, as years pass between chapters (from a few thousands to hundred or more), and new characters are introduced very often. However, every family shows some sort of family trait which helps identify them. The book is also filled with history, not only English history, but European history as well.

Right now, I have reached the point of the War of the Roses, or just passed it, and come to the reformation and all the trouble that brough. New monarchs brought new looks at christianity, back and forth between Lutheran and Catholic, and heretics were burned and executed all over the place. Quite a violent age.

Well, I still have 400 pages or so to go, so a lot of reading still, which is good since the book is awesome. Until next time


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Sounds like an interesting book.

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