Monday, 24 December 2007

Christmas Eve

Christmas is finally here, and the smell of good food is filling the house. Unfortunelately, we don't have as much snow as I would like, christmas is supposed to be white.

Today I finished Perdurabo. The book was good, although, at times, it mentioned a lot of names in a short period of times, making it hard to keep them from each other. Crowley certainly lived an eventful life, totally dedicated to what he saw as his mission in life. Can't say I agree with all of his ideas, but I believe the common view of him, as 'the Wickedest Man in the World' is unfounded. He had a mission in life, to bring to the masses the religion of Thelema, and did so as best he could. If you are interested in religion and the occult, I certainly recommend reading this book, as well as other Crowleyana.

I have now started on Baudolino, by Umberto Eco. I have always liked Unberto Eco's books, ever since reading Focault's Pendulum. I read that book right after reading the DaVinci Code, and was utterly impressed. Bringing up a lot of the same themes, the Pendulum comes across as a hundred times better, much more intelligent and a lot better researched. Umberto Eco certainly knows what he is writing about. I have read Baudolino before, I remember buying it at the airport in Hong Kong, the first time I travelled to Australia. I read it during the 9 hour plane ride from Hong Kong to Brisbane. That was three years ago and I don't really remember much from the book now. I usually forget books after a year or so, which I think is great, since I can reread great books several times. Of course, after three or four reading I remember more of it, and have to wait longer before reading it again. Well, I certainly look forward to reading Baudolino again and will post my thoughts on the book here on the blog as I read. Until next time

Merry Christmas


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