Thursday, 6 December 2007

Welcome to my Blog

Hello and welcome to my blog. If you are reading this I guess you are a book lover just like myself. I have been reading books for all my life or at least as long as I can remember. In fact, some of my earliest and best memories are of my mother reading for myself and my brother before going to bed. I guess my love for books comes from my mother, who used to read for us every day. From there, my love for books grew. Nowadays I read almost every day, infact it often happens that I read a book or more a day, depending on how much time I can set aside for reading.

Today I just finished Cosmic Trigger I : Final Secret of the Illuminati (Cosmic Trigger) by Robert Anton Wilson. I have been a fan of Robert Anton Wilson ever since reading The Illuminatus! Trilogy, a very peculiar and strange book. Dealing with every imaginable conspiracy, it jumps back and forth in time and space, never letting the reader know what is really happening. New conspiracies and realities are presented on a regular basis, only to be broken down and replaced by another conspiracy later. I loved the book though, and has been reading Robert Anton Wilson (RAW) ever since. Cosmic Trigger is an autobiographical book, where RAW explains his process of deliberately induced brain change. Allthough I don't agree with or believe in everything he writes, the book is an interesting read and has led me to be more critical about what I read. One of RAW's messages is to think for yourself, not blindly believe what the authorities say.

I guess this book will never be a mainstream book, and neither will Illuminatus, but if you are interested in occultism, alternatives to mainstream thoughs and psychology I definately recommend this book.

Well, no time to write more as I'm off to start another book, Cosmic Trigger II: Down to Earth, the sequel.


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Britt-Arnhild said...

Good luck with your reading and your blogging dear son.

With love from your mother :-)