Saturday, 8 December 2007

Ship of Magic

Haven't finished Ship of Magic yet, but it's coming along really fast. This book is really good, with interesting and enjoyable characters and a good plot, although the story could progress a bit faster in the beginning. What really hooked me on this book though was the characters. They seem very real and I instantly connected with them. Whether I liked the characters or despised them, they kept the story going and made the book interesting and hard to put down. I have always been a fan of the characters in Robin Hobb's books and constantly find myself thinking about them when not reading.

The book is about the liveship traders, merchants who use special ships made of wizardwood. These ships will come alive after a few generations, to be living beings of their own. The ships always form strong bonds with the family of their owners, usually unwilling to cooperate unless someone from the family is aboard the ships. In the story you meet one such ship, the Vivicia, owned by the Vestrit family.

As it turns out, many other people are after these ships and wants to own one themselves, but the liveships only sail with Liveship traders from the town of Bingtown. I won't go into too much detail about the story here, but I greatly recommend this book. It has a good plot and interesting and believable characters. Robin Hobb always delivers, and this book is no exeption.


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