Sunday, 30 December 2007


Finished with Queen Loana, the book was good allthough the translation wasn't as good as in the other Eco-books I have read lately. The story was good though, with lots of references to old books and comics; perfect for a book lover. The book was about an antique book dealer who loses his memory, and returns to his childhood home to roam through old books and comics, trying to regain his lost memory. Very good book.

Now I have started on The Island of the Day Before, only two more books and I have finished all of Eco's books. Reading them all one after another is something I recommend. A lot of the themes are repeated over several books, hard to notice if you only read one. By reading them all, one after another, several times have I found a chapter, theme, paragraph or even just a sentence mirroring something I read in one of his other books. Very interesting.

Of course, since Eco writes in Italian, I have to read translations of his books. I usually try to read the original text, at least for Norwegian and English authors, since I like to read the authors own words. The translations of Eco's books are usually good. The best so far has to be Baudolino, with Foucault's pendulum not far behind. Queen Leona I found to be the worst translation of the books I have read so far. After reading them all maybe I'll write some more about the translations.

New year is coming up soon, but no celebration for me. Working both New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. need the money. Well, no more time to write now, busy busy. Until next time


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Britt-Arnhild said...

You are tempting me to read all Eco's books. May be it should be my New Year's resolution :-)