Friday, 7 December 2007


Another hobby of mine is music, there is not many hours of the day that I don't have any music on in the background. Yesterday I bought Led Zeppelin's Mothership, and has listened to it non-stop since. Okay, so it doesn't really offer any new material, only digital remasterings of old songs, and the CD is very similoar to other best of compilations. Led Zeppelin is awesome though. This CD will definately be listened to a lot, and I gladly recommend this compilation to both new and old Led Zeppelin fans.

In the reading department I am still reading Cosmic Trigger II, which is a bit different from Cosmic Trigger I. Where Cosmic Trigger I focused on Wilson's spiritual journey, Cosmic Trigger II is more of a book containing many short anecdotes RAW has collected through his life, and each anecdote casts a new light on RAW's way of thinking and his view on life. It is also written in a very easy way to read; whether you read about how the Vatican makes money or the strange phenomena in modern math to the future of cyberspace and the accelerating rate at which information doubles in the world. This is a book that really makes you think about life and the dogmas that exist in the world today. Once again, RAW encourages us to think for ourselves, not blindly accept the position of the so-called 'experts'.

I assume I will finish this book shortly, and I am planning to the start on Robin Hobb's Mad Ship Trilogy, which I haven't read in years. So I guess my next post will be about those books. Until then:


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