Saturday, 22 December 2007

Not much happening here

Life continues as it has for the last month. Either I'm at work or I'm just tired, staying home and reading or watching TV. Not that interesting, but the books are good. Hopefully I will have some more money next year, giving me a chance to take some days off work. Or maybe I'll even find a new job. Have to start looking soon.

Have been reading Perdurabo lately, a good and interesting life about Crowley's life, full of quotes from his letters and published works. The author is himself a practicing magickian, like Crowley, which definelately helps when telling the story of Crowley's life. Even though I find myself questioning a lot of the material in the book (like the efficiency of the rituals), the book is still interesting and gives a new view on one of the most misunderstood characters from this century. Until next time


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