Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Finally finished

Yesterday I finished Mad Ship, the second book in Robin Hobb's Liveship Traders trilogy. The book finished in style, putting the chararacters in new and tricky spots and leaving the reader to ponder how things can turn out by the end of the third book. What I really loved about this book was how it, concerning some characters, totally changed the readers feelings towards them. The characters are pitted against each other in new and interesting ways, and a happy ending for all the protagonists seems unlikely. The character development is also very good. The characters are in no way static person, but evolve and develop throughout the books in a believable way. I most certainly recommend this book.

I have now begun on the third book in the trilogy,Ship of Destiny, with great expectations. I expect a grand finale to the trilogy. Luckily I don't work as much this week, leaving more room for reading. Yesterday, I did my 10th day in a row of working, which has left me very tired. Well, well. Tonight it's time to party as my best friend just finished his exams for this semester. Hopefully it will be a good night. Until next time


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